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Denny Farhan

How to Succeed with Online Marketing

6 min read

Business and social media blog has become the norm in today’s world. This combination may not seem possible, let alone to work wonderfully hand in hand, in the very beginning of the internet era back in the 90s. Social media platforms and blogs were not as popular back then. There were only a few platforms available and each of the aforementioned platforms had its own association. Social media platforms, for instance. They were closely associated with a means of communication whereas blogs were associated with an online journal; two of which did not seem fitting for businesses.

There were, however, a bunch of online advertisements in the form of banners and many more. That was it. However, as the days went by, businesses seemed to have decided to take a more active role in engaging the masses online using other means necessary. Online advertisements is no longer the only method used by many businesses these days because as effective as online advertisements are, businesses realized that they could maximize their profits by gaining online visibility for their brand and actively generating leads while simultaneously converting them into loyal customers.

All of that may seem too good to be true and it is easy to dedicate the success to the big name of an already established and internationally recognized brand, but you and your small business can reap the same success when you know how to do it. Read on to find out.

Three online marketing tips to get you started

As a small business owner, the first thing that comes up in your head when you realize just how incredibly successful tech blog has gotten is perhaps how they could manage to do so. Regardless of which industry your business is taking on and regardless of whether you are selling a product or offering your service, doing business online is not as easy as making a website and an official account of your brand in every single social media platform imaginable. It takes clever plans and strategies. If this seems more complicated than you originally thought, we can assure you that there is nothing scary about it. With the following simple tips and tricks, you too can be successful with the online business.

•    Start with creating a marketing plan for your social media and blog marketing efforts. This way, you will be able to avoid any possible social media mistakes in the future, while at the same time give you the opportunity to adjust along the way if needed be.

•    Put more effort into engaging your prospective customers and connecting with existing customers.

•    Increase the traffic to your website by creatively linking it to your posts on social media platforms.

The benefits of using Google+

While the simple marketing tips above may give you a clear idea on how to get started once you decided on giving online marketing a try. However, there is no denying that the challenge actually lies in the effort of finding the best and most suitable social media platforms for your business. This may vary from one business to another simply because each business has their own audience, in order to decide which platform is the right one, a business must know where their target audiences are.

Google+ has, without a doubt, become one of the most famous platforms for businesses. Not only used to post various contents related to their day-to-day business operation, the platform is also terrific for businesses wanting to gain brand visibility. This is largely due to the fact that the platform has the ability to improve businesses’ visibility in the local search. The visibility affects your prospective customers’ opinion on you. Yes, customers are not only able to find you, they are also able to see all reviews and photos related to your business just by clicking your account’s business page.

The benefits of content curation for business

Interesting and engaging contents is the only recipe for success in online marketing. This is largely due to the fact that many people are into being entertained or educated. However, not everyone is gifted with the ability to write incredible piece of material a few times a day for a week straight. Some of us can only write once every other day, which is a recipe for disaster since the very core of online marketing is a good content. So how do we ensure that we can keep attracting new visitors or prospective customers even when we have nothing to write?
The answer can be found in Majority of you are perhaps at a loss right now; what is this website about and how can my business benefit from it? The answer is quite simple. Scoop provides many small businesses to curate various contents in order to keep the business afloat. As numerous studies found, content curation has become one of the best methods as 65-percent helps with businesses’ SEO efforts which a whooping 40-percent of it is the result of incoming traffic through Google Search.

The benefits of using Pinterest

Pinterest may be one of the largest social media platforms in the world right now. However, unlike its social media counterparts, many businesses shy away from taking their business to the platform. Yes, the platform may be popular as the ultimate platform for females looking for wedding ideas and artistic food pictures. However, that is not necessarily true and your business does not have to follow their footsteps on giving up this platform before you even start. The following is a list of reasons why you must seriously consider the social media platform to get your business up and running.

•    It converts more Pinterest-browsers into customers: browsers seem to always come to get inspiration and discover things they like, thus it is a no wonder how quickly these browsers turn into buyers in a matter of few minutes.

•    It drives lots of traffic and generates more: browsers love nothing more than a great content, which is why when you make a great one, visitors are quick to follow the additional links.

•    High user engagement and produces more in-bound links.